Know Your Neighbors: Sikilian Confederation

By anyone's estimation, the Sikilian Confederation is a blight on the world. Handily the most vile collection of loathsome rulers ever gathered in one area, Sikilia is singlehandedly responsible for everyone else thinking that Slothjemia can't be all that bad by comparison. Oh, there are times that you might fuss and fume over goblinoids running … Continue reading Know Your Neighbors: Sikilian Confederation

How Goblins do Steampunk

The world in which Slothjemia sits is one filled with ridiculously goofy inventions designed to do everyday things. A water wheel to power a mill is perfectly ordinary, but perhaps the dam holding back the river is exaggerated beyond reasonable belief. Romillia has her skycruisers, essentially small galleons slung beneath zeppelin-like gas-filled canvas superstructure. Slothjemia … Continue reading How Goblins do Steampunk