Knighthoods, Ribbons, and Medallions

Simplicity is key to goblinoids understanding their place in the world, the tasks they are expected to accomplish, and the rewards with which they are paid. Historically one of the best ways that the rulers of Slothjemia have found to honor the great deeds of its adventurers, heroes, and other accomplishers of note, are knighthoods. … Continue reading Knighthoods, Ribbons, and Medallions


An Orc for All Seasons

Romillia has two long, and proud military traditions. The Grenadiers are dwarven heavy infantry that are armed with axes, blunderbuss, and grapefruit-sized, hand-tossed explosive devices. Hussars are human heavy cavalry armed with sabers, lances, and single-shot musket-style pistols. Many Hussars are also paladins, holy warriors ordained by the Church to fight in the crusades of … Continue reading An Orc for All Seasons

The White Badge of Deceit; Chapter 2

A plain black carriage with no escort rolled through the farmlands of Dreicounty on the road north from the Slothjemian Coreland. It was a carefully cared for vehicle, and its exquisite condition revealed it as not a run-of-the-mill mode of transportation, but as the vessel for an important person who wished to travel incognito. The … Continue reading The White Badge of Deceit; Chapter 2