How to be Sorcerous

Casual observers might think that Slothjemia is overrun with skilled and powerful mages. This isn't necessarily true, but there are more spellcasters in the general population than one might find in several neighboring countries. There are a number of reasons for this, but the primary one is that Slothjemia attracts adventurers, and when they finish … Continue reading How to be Sorcerous

Stunning Illustrations, Bordering on Breathtaking

The news that Microsoft is planning to relegate their "Paint" program to being an optional program instead of an integral part of the Windows operating system has been ill-received in these parts. As you can tell from my gorgeous, sensuously artistic renditions of Slothjemian cartography, I am a master at the dance of the pixels. … Continue reading Stunning Illustrations, Bordering on Breathtaking